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Solar lights

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Agni Solaar LED street lights are offered with an electronic controller that automatically turns the light on and off and solar blinker lights, solar lighting systems led (domestic), charge controllers, road studs, solar power plant.

Solar blinker lights

Agni solaar systemsModel 200mm Dia, 300mm Dia.
Agni solaar systemsHigh Brightness LED Lamp
Agni solaar systemsLED Beacons_ long life with low power consumption
Agni solaar systemsLight Source with Yellow/Red
Agni solaar systemsDistance View 500mts.
Agni solaar systemsIntegrated design for maximum energy efficiency.
Agni solaar systemsLong Life deep cycle maintains batteries.(Sealed Lead Acid Battery)
Agni solaar systemsOperation 12hours (automatic Dusk to dawn operation) and 24hours.
Agni solaar systemsSolar Charge Controller for System Protection.
Agni solaar systemsAutonomy 3 days
Agni solaar systemsAnti theft protection for battery.

Agni solaar systemsAssembled in any location.
Agni solaar systems12 hours/24 hours flashing beacon systems.
Agni solaar systemsSchool Zone flashing beacon systems.
Agni solaar systemsSpeed awareness displays.
Agni solaar systemsCity entrance/exit warning beacons.
Agni solaar systemsIntersection/cross walk warning.
Agni solaar systemsWork Zones.
Agni solaar systemsSharp curve warning.

Solar LED domestic lighting systems

Revolutionary home lighting solutions based on LED Technology that Consumes 50% lesser energy and lasts longer.Despite energy consumption being closed to 50% lesser than CFL the light output is very bright.The LEDs have a very long life.

Agni solaar systemsHigh Power LED.
Agni solaar systemsOperation Auto/Manual.
Agni solaar systemsSolar Charge controller for system protection.
Agni solaar systemsSpecially designed Luminaire.

Agni solaar systemsHome, offices,Temples etc..,

Solar Charge controllers

Agni solaar systemsModel 12v - 5A to 40A Auto ( Automatic Dusk to Dawn operation ) / manual.
Agni solaar systemsBattery over charge disconnect from Solar Photovoltaic Module.
Agni solaar systemsBattery low voltage cut_off
Agni solaar systemsBattery Polarity reversal connected if fuse well goes of in ccu
Agni solaar systemsEfficiency above than 90%

Agni solaar systemsSolar Charge Contollers for output systems, battery protections.
Agni solaar systemsUsing for solar lights, solar blinker, solar inverter, solar battery charger,etc..,

Agni solar systems
Agni solaar systems

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