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Solar Dryer


Solar Dryer

The solar dryer is suitable for drying of most of the food crops. It can be used to speed up drying and to dry food hygienically. Solar Dryers can be used for vegetable drying (such as chili drying), fruit drying - almost every kind of drying using non-hybrid or hybrid dryers. The Dryers can be used for variety of crops such as Coconut, Chilies, Turmeric, Spices, Grains, Rosemary, Medicinal crops & Amla.


Solar Dryer

Solar Dryer Specifications:

  • Polycarbonate sheet covered Green house type.
  • Polycarbonate Sheet : 6mm thick CARBORON LEXAN make, UV Protected Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Temperature : 55 deg C –  70 deg  C
  • Air Circulation : 12” Ball Bearing Exhaust Fan – 2nos & 4″ Fan 230V – 5Nos. (depends upon area fan quantity will vary)
  • Door: Polycarbonate Sheet with GI Pipe Frame
  • Centre Height : 8 feet 6 inches (approx)
  • Foundation pipes : 60mm Dia GI pipe 3mm thick
  • Structure Arch : 40mm sq MS pipe 3mm thick and 38mm sq. pipe G.I
  • Structure Perlin : 2″ x 1″ GI Pipe 1.5mm Thick
  • Polycarbonate fixing: 1.6 mm thick Aluminum extrusions Top & Bottom with EPDM beading
  • Leak arresting : Silicon sealant (optional)
  • Temperature & Humidity controller with sensor – 1No
  • Control Panel Board: 1 no
  • Cable: RR Make, UPVC Pipe
  • Paint: Aluminum Heat resistant
Technical Specification

Solar Drier Floor area

380 to 1000 sq.ft

Operating Temperature

55 oC  to  70oC


Agni Solaar

Service Duration

Day time 5 to 6 hours

Solar drying of fruit and vegetables

For thousands of years people have sundried fruit and vegetables to preserve for leaner times. New technologies brought changed techniques, but at present the increasing demand for healthy, low-cost natural foods and the need for sustainable income, are bringing solar drying to the fore as a useful alternative for surplus products.


Solar dryer for Coconut (Copra)

We provide solar dryer to converting coconuts into copra. The quality of copra would be ensured and protected from dust and rain. The advantage of using a solar dryer is that it ensures uniform heating during day and night hours with controlled humidity, fully protected from dust, rains and other damages.

Solar dryer for Chili Drying

Solar dryer decrease the drying time and improve the quality of dried chili. Various types of solar dryers are used for drying Chilies.


Advantages of Solar Dryer

  • Drying is faster because inside the dryer it is warmer than outside.
  • Less risk of spoilage because of the speed of drying. (if the drying process is slow the fruit start to ferment and the product is spoilt).
  • The product is protected against flies, pests, rain and dust.
  • It is labour saving. The product can be left in the dryer overnight or during rain.
  • The quality of the product is better in terms of nutrients, hygiene and colour.
  • Less spoilage or less wastage of dried products
  • Better prices due to postponed market serve
  • Different value creation possible since dried products have higher margins
  • High hygienic standards (no dust, no pollution, no fungus, no animals, no foreign materials etc.)
  • Higher durability and transparency over time (important for green-house effect)
  • UV protection of Solar Dryers maintains colors and nutrients of fruits and vegetables
  • Solar Dryers in Parabolic Domes allows water to run along the walls (no contamination of goods by water)
  • Better product quality (color, skin, taste)
  • Better prices (due to better quality), higher affordability level, better payback power of farmers

Our Services

Plumbing Items and Spares are available for
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  • Solar Batteries
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Pump Drives
  • Home UPS with Battery
  • Charge Controllers
  • AC / DC LED lights
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